Which Category Ads for Blogs Have More (High) eCPM Revenue

Many blogger want to know which niche or which category ads for their blogs have high eCPM revenue so that they can earn more. There are three types of ad networks – CPC (cost per click), CPM (cost per 1000 impressions) and CPA (click per action).


Bloggers can choose a niche before starting a blog. But they they have  a question about their niche, how much can their niche can earn by ad networks. You can place contextual ads like Adsense and Clicksor which will display ads relevant to your niche or Category based ads like Adbrite, Smowtion, etc.. which will ask your blogs category so that they can display that category ads. But the revenue from these ad networks vary from blog to blog, some of the blogs may get high revenue per 1000 impression or per click, but some blogs will earn less with same number of impressions or clicks. Here is a group of niche which can be divided into high earning and low earning categories for same number of impression or clicks –

High eCPM revenue Category blogs:

  • Technology
  • Make Money Online
  • Health
  • Sports
  • Career
  • Automotive

Low eCPM revenue Category blogs:

  • Entertainment
  • News
  • Movies and Music
  • Wallpapers
  • Politics

These are approximate categories which are grouped, but in real the eCMP depends on any factors like country, season, number of bidders for particular keyword, etc..

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