Tricks to Make Money Online by Writing & Selling eBooks

Many people earn money by ebooks, in this post you will learn how to Make Money Online by Writing and Selling eBooks. ou can sell ebooks online even if you do not have the time or the skill to write one yourself. All this is possible through affiliate marketing.

While we work as affiliates, we have to add links or banners for the ebooks which are related to the niche of our very own blogs. With the sale of each ebook which is generated through the affiliate link on the blog, we earn some money as a commission. As a first step, you have to start looking for websites that are willing to sell ebooks and are accepting affiliates from your blog niche. The best option for you will be Clickbank as it is renowned for its affiliate programme. After you register on Clickbank, which is free, you have to search for ebooks that are related to your blog niche. Consider the keyword aspect when you are at it. Find 2 to 3 ebook products that mare or less match with your keyword. These ebooks should have the following qualities:

  • Great Landing Page
  • High Payout as well as Gravity
  • A low refund rate.
  • A good future.

You will be able to earn anywhere between 50 to 75% working as an affiliate with Clickbank. If you sell an ebook which is worth a hundred dollars, you can make anywhere between fifty and seventy five dollars for each sale that you make. It can become a substantial income if you can sell ten ebooks every month. Your work is to promote these ebooks with banners and links on your blog. You can put these anywhere on your blog which will attract the attention of your readers. Keep one thing in mind though; never place a banner or an ad link in the middle of your posts. Readers get really annoyed that way. The safest approach is to place them on the top or the right hand corner where it is visible to every visitor. You can also write some promotional articles surrounding the products that you sell via affiliate marketing. The trick is to describe the product and its condition in details. The buyer must not feel cheated after he buys an ebook from your blog. In cyberspace, traffic is money and losing traffic is simply not an option. You can also try and promote these items on the search engines. Here are some easy ways in which you can try promoting these products on the search engines:

  • Optimize your blog with SEO, especially the one with which you are trying to sell the product, which in this case is the ebook. Focus on the keyword, link building guest commenting on related blog posts etc.
  • Post some articles on the blog about the product that you want to sell through it. It should be good enough to entice people into buying it, but as I mentioned previously, have an honest approach and do not make false promises.
  • All your quality blog articles should be submitted on the top of the list social bookmarking websites like yahoo buzz etc. Also post them on the well known article directories with the links that will allow your readers to find you.

If you follow these simple steps, you are likely to make some money online by selling ebooks.


  1. Himanshu · June 24, 2011

    seems a great way to earn online. but have to put a lot of effort in compiling an E-book.

  2. hemant jain · June 27, 2011

    Nice way to earn online. But it wants much attention to write ebook.

    Thanks. Nice post

  3. James · October 8, 2011

    A great way to make money online. Don’t forget resell rights for ebooks. “They” write ’em, you sell ’em.

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