Is CPALead Scam? Review With Payment Proof (Check and PayPal)

Is scam? Here is the review of the CPALead (cost per action) Ad network with check and PayPal payment proofs.

Many of them might have seen some of the websites in which the content is not shown, the website first pop up’s some small window with 2 to 3 surveys and offers. You must complete one of the survey or offer to view the website content, here is the screen shot of those kind of websites –

What is CPAlead? is a ad network which pays from each action completed successfully. For example if you put the CPAlead ad code in your website, it pop up’s some surveys and offers to users before displaying the content and when people complete a offer you get paid.

How much do they pay for every action?
CPAlead pays high revenue for each offer completed by your user from $0.5 to even $5. It all depends on your visitor location and the offer user has completed.

How and When do they pay?
They pay via check and PayPal after you reach $50 in NET30 days.

Any Payment proofs?
Here are the payment proof of check and PayPal –

Which niche sites work better with CPAlead?
Almost all niches work, but you will earn more if your website or blog is related to celebrity, TV show videos, movie clips, free downloads, ebooks, etc.. So if you have these kind of websites the Apply to CPAlead to earn money.


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    Want to Learn about Online Monetizing,Marketing,Cracking And Hacking

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