How to Activate AT&T iPhone 4 (Activation Problem Solution)

How to Activate AT&T iPhone 4 (Activation Problem Solution). AT&T has sold around 600,000 iPhone 4 and all the 600,000 users tried to activate their iPhone 4 and some of them could not activate.


Due to overloading of the iPhone 4, some users are not able to activate the new iPhone 4. Here are the steps to take when your iPhone 4 is not activated –

  • Charge your iphone fully as soon as you receive it
  • Contact AT&T at 1-800-331-0500 or 611 from a different wireless device and enter the wireless number that received the upgrade to iPhone 4
  • Choose option #2 to activate your phone on a different mobile number, and an AT&T representative will help you from there
  • After speaking with the AT&T representative, you will be instructed to launch iTunes ( and connect your device.

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  1. Mr Payan · July 15, 2010

    Great solution for the overwhelming attempt to activate the phone on release day! Overload of the network…
    Now that the dust has settled, watch this iPHone 4G activation with AT&T video. However, it is in spanish: Como activar iPhone 4G con AT&T:

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