Advantages of Samsung Galaxy S3 Over Apple iPhone 5

Well, there’s an epic battle going on right now in the smartphone niche of the gadget word today and undoubtedly the competitors are no other than the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Apple iPhone 5. What this actually implies is a fight between the two most popular Operating systems at large, but that’s not what we shall be covering this post today, rather today’s post is based on the regions where the Apple iPhone takes a beat from the Galaxy S3. So without any further delay, let’s just dive in.

1. Design

The design, looks and appearance of a phone is of not much important to geeks whilst to the rest of the tech lovers in the world, the virtual appearance of the phone also plays a very important role in the selection. After a few similar smartphones from Samsung, the team has definitely been tweaking the shape, size and layout of their latest device. Although the galaxy S3 happens to be quite larger than the iPhone 5, it is undoubtedly much more comfortable and thereby beats the Mac maker’s product.

2. Connectivity

Most of you might actually be surprised to find this point making into the side of Galaxy S3 after Apple’s all so famous 30 pin iPod and iPhone connector, but that’s what the astonishing part about this, the Galaxy S3 has beaten the iPhone 5 hands down. The iPhone 5 users happen to have only one way of charging their devices and that is via the provided cable and if by chance one happens to have lost the cable, then practically they’re screwed and will have to wait for apple to come up with their “under-construction” 8-pin adaptor.

3. The Life

What’s more important in a phone rather than its features, yeah you got it right, it’s the battery life. Battery is one of the most essential elements on which the Smartphone’s features fade out on, because a smartphone without a good battery is nothing but a dead device and same is the case with Apple iPhone 5. And no, if you think there’s just a minimal difference of 1 hour, then you better get ready for a shock because the S3 goes for 9 to 11 hours with mail, messaging and other activities on the side whilst the new Apple iPhone happens to make it to only 5 to 8 hours which is comparatively very less.

 4. Features

And here is the point which all of you S3 lovers might be waiting for- features. The common and most advanced features on both the devices include app lists, app stores, lock screen etc…But what the S3 gains on and the iPhone misses are also quite a few. Overall the iOS is moreover an airtight yet stable OS but nothing near the Google Android OS which is just beyond comparison. The S3 lets you run applications in the background, set auto sync using the in-built task manager, be done with all the unnecessary applications or processes going on in the background which might have been taking on some speed.

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