Advantages of Apple iPad over Laptops (Comparision)

Advantages of Apple iPad over Laptops. Here is the 6 features of iPad which are compared with Laptop and all 6 features are advantages of ipad over Laptops –

Advantages of Apple iPad over Laptops:

  • Apple iPad Battery supports upto 10 hours, where as laptops will have almost half of the ipad.
  • Apple iPad has a power button, when clicked on sleep mode, it instantly starts Webpage, calendar, accesses emails.
  • iPad has got Centralized software which is more useful for lots of different tasks is its massive platform of third party applications.
  • iPad has got very simple interface and it is easy to learn, especially for school students.
  • iPad is a great device for content consumers where navigation and interface is easier that laptops.
  • iPad is slimmer and lighter than a laptop, you can carry it without laptop bag also.

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